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About your doula

Hi, there! My name is Segolene. I am a woman, a wife and the mother of  two little girls.

Oh, wait... Also, I am French! My husband and I moved in Long Island 7 years ago and we welcomed our daughters few years later. Becoming a mom in a foreign country and 3,000+ miles away from our families has been a challenging, yet transformative experience.

Before becoming a doula, I was working in the food industry as a marketing manager. 

Why did I choose to become a doula? Let me tell you a little bit more...

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My story

When I got to the hospital for the birth of my first daughter, I did not really know what I was going to put myself into. My husband and I had taken the standard childbirth class offered by the hospital and felt confident enough to get through the birth. We were able to labor most of the time at home and despite the great outcome with the birth of our healthy baby girl, the pushing phase was so long and so difficult for both of us that this first birth experience left an unpleasant memory.


The next time I had a baby, I decided to do things differently and be prepared! So I looked up at different informational supports and get educated myself. I was shocked to find out that my first pushing experience could have been more effective (shorter) and more satisfactory (less traumatic) if, beforehand, I had learned more about the physiology of birth, how my body was working and also if I had been given the opportunity to let my body take the lead in the birthing stage instead of following interventions dictated by the health care system.


For the birth of our second child, I got to avoid what I wanted to at all costs, and I realized how being knowledgeable made the difference, and helped us speak up and use our voices.


My pregnancies and own birth experiences with the education I received convinced me that birth is a normal and natural process.

I understood that women and babies have the wisdom for birth. Women’s bodies are mighty enough to conceive, nourish and grow a human being within their own body and therefore have also the strength to give birth.

I became passionate about birth and it has been truly important to me to help others understand how informational support can change everything and lead to a more empowering birth experience.

How do I see my role as a Doula?

As your birth doula my goal is to do as much as possible to help you remember your birth experience in the most positive way.

With all humility, I will assist you in gathering information about the course of your labor, help you explore birthing options, provide evidence-based informational support with explanations and non-medical advice so that you can make your own choices and plan for your birth with confidence. I will provide emotional support and physical comfort measures to help you feel safe, secure and confident as you journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Supporting you during the first few weeks postpartum means that I will wholeheartedly make sure that you get the help you deserve to transition to parenthood in the best possible way. This implies being there for you, in your home, and taking charge of all the things that will make your life easier and will encourage you to rest and bond with your little one without having to worry about anything else.

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